West Sumatra

West Sumatra

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Bukit Tinggi - Padang

Bukit tinggi is the second biggest city in West Sumatra, and it famous by the born place of some important figure like Moch. Hatta and Assaat. During the colonial time, this city was popular by Fort de Kock and it was concidered as Parijs van Sumatera.


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Travelling in West Sumatra

The best time to visit West Sumatera is either between May and June, or September and October, missing the peak (and hottest) summer months when it may hit 34°C. 

West Sumatera is very well-known for its Minangkabau Tribes where many traditional events are held throughout the year.

West Sumatera is a safe destination for traveling in. If you fall ill during your travels, international hospitals across the city are plenty to choose from.

The standard voltage throughout Indonesia is normally 230 V and with a standard frequency of 50 Hz. If you’re from the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia or Africa, most of your phones, laptops and other gadgets could be charged like normal. However, if you come from countries like the United States, Canada, and most South American countries, the range of voltage differs here in Indonesia. 

The Indonesian Rupiah is the only accepted currency. Worry not, if you choose to use your credit card in West Sumatera, it’s no problem.

Indonesia is heaven to traveller, many countries can visit Indonesia without having to present a visa upon arrival for your short trip. Those not listed from those countries can apply visa on arrival (VOA) at the airport.

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aerial view of boats on sea during daytime


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