Bukittinggi Padang 4 Days 3 Nights


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The land of the Minangkabau, West Sumatera, has a district culture and architecture which distinguishes itself from the rest of the island. A land with scenic beauty of green lakes and blue mountains, West Sumatera’s center of culture and tourism is Bukittinggi in the highlands, north of the provincial capital of Padang. The name of Minangkabau means a triumphant buffalo. Most prominent in the west Sumatera landscape is the horn shaped roofs of the houses in coconut groves. The Minangkabau follow a community and family life based on matrilineal system and the Moslem religion plays an important role in communities, which cluster round mosque and traditional prominent village houses.


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Historic Landmarks

West Sumatera is unique for its traditional house's roofing system called gonjong. It depicts the look of a kerbau (buffalo) horns. Visit this historic site and feel the local housing vibes!

Accommodation and Meals

Various hotel options are available for the tour. Breakfast is provided by hotel. Lunch and dinner are served at local restaurant with authentic local cuisine.

Professional Guide

During your tour, our professional, multi-languages speaking tour guides accompany you and explain all the things you experience along the way.

Transportation and Access

Touring with private, air-conditioned vehicles. Being a nomad in West Sumatera is very easy, all destinations are connected with easy access.

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Package: Bukittinggi Padang 4 Days 3 Nights

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