Morotai is the northernmost island in Maluku, just off the northern tip of Halmahera. It is famous as the important base in WW II, from where Mac Arthur launched has assault against the Japanese to liberate the Philippines.
Unfortunately there is little left to see from this period - the once plentiful war relics (guns and machinery) have now mostly been sold for scrap metal. Nor is the most accessible and visited southern area of the island of much cultural or natural interest: most locals are Galelarese and Tobelorese as in North Halmahera. with a sprinkling of Sangirese and Butonese migrants, and the forests of the hilly interior have been extensively logged.
Probably the most obvious attractions around here are some fine beaches, especially those on the little islands off Daruba, Morotai's major town.
For those having the time and adventurous spirit to head to the mostly road less North of Morotai, the island has more to offer though. Up there, there is more exciting scenery with some fine stands of forest, the traditional Galelarese culture seems to have been better preserved than anywhere else, and there are even some "secret" surfing-spots awaiting those who are persistent (or lucky?) enough to first find out about, and then reach them!

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Day 1: Morotai Island Tour (L/D)

Arrive at Babullah Ternate Island, you will accompanied by our guide to take a local flight to Morotai Island at 09.45. After arrival at Morotai Island on 10.30, our driver will take you to the hotel for check-in and followed by free program. At 12.00 you will lunch at local restaurant and start the historical tour by visiting Muhlis Eso Museum (Museum that built by local resident where they collect the residual of World War II), World War II Museum that built for opening the 2012 Sail Morotai, Tanjung Dehegila where picturesque view of Morotai nature will impressed you, Da’loha beach, Air kaca (springs with clear fresh water where Douglas Mc Arthur, an American General on World War II bathed there). Your today historical tour will end with a sweet treats of local delicacy: fried banana and Guraka water (traditional drink made from ginger).

Day 2: Island Hoping (B/L/D)

After breakfast, tour will started by visiting Pasir Putih Island, Kapa Kapa Island, Dodola Island where you will take a lunch and snorkeling time, Galogalo and Kokoya island and tour will ends by visiting Zum zum island where the monument of General Mc Arthur from America arrive for the first time at Morotai Island. Back to Morotai Island and free program.

Day 3: Free program and check out (B)

Breakfast at Hotel, check-out, go to Leo Watimena Airport for the flight to Ternate on 10.50 with wings air and estimated arrival time at 11.35, connecting with your flight to your next destination.

Price DetaiL for MOROTAI ISLAND 3D2N

Harga dalam USD Per Orang

Hotel Room type 3-5 Pax 6-10 pax 11-15 Pax 16-up SGL SUPP  
D'Aloha Resort Sharing 268 260 252 244 98 -


 Price includes :

-       2 nights stay at D’Loha Resort (Cottage A /Premium)

-       Flight to Morotai Island return

-       Car during the tour program

-       Meals as a program

-       Speed boat during the island hoping

-       Snorkeling amenities

-       Local guide

-       Snorkeling guide

-       Mineral water


Prices excludes :

-       Flight from and to Ternate

-       Porter

-       Personal expenses (minibar, laundry, phone)

-       Additional tour (outside the program)

-       Tipping for guide and driver


Kokoya Island

Kokoya is a small island between Mitita and Dodola which is fit for sunbathing purpose.

Kokoya Island is normally uninhabitated, but sometimes has fishers stayover for weeks there.

What makes this island is special is their sand has a pink-like colour.

Morotai Island

Morotai Island is an island and definitive regency in Halmahera, North Maluku, which is the Northeast Island in Indonesia. During the 15th century and 16th, Morotai was under the powerful influence of the Sultanate of Ternate. This is the core of a large area called the Moro, which include coastal islands of Halmahera and close to Morotai to the south.

This island became the airfield for the Japanese during World War II. This island was taken over by the force of United States in September 1944, and being used as the basis for the Allied attack to the Philippines in early 1945, and to the east of Borneo in May and June in the same year. This was a base for attacks to Java in October 1945 which was abandoned after the Japanese surrender in August.

For the Allies, Morotai Airport was a multi-entrance system (multi-gate system) from the Pacific. Morotai was chosen by U.S. because of the geographic, which was very strategic in the Asia Pacific region. In fact, Morotai able to bring victory for U.S. troops to defeat the soldiers of Nippon.

Beside the historical background, Morotai is also has potential destination like the beaches. The visitors can do diving or fishing in Dodola Marine park which is located in Small Dodola and Large Dodola island.

Dodola Island

Dodola Island located in the District of Morotai Island, North Maluku Province. The island is very easy to reach from the city Tobelo, the gateway leading to Morotai Islands by sea.

The island is basically divided into two, namely Dodola Besar and Dodola Kecil Island. Interestingly, these two islands will appear separately when the sea level on high tide and will look connected when sea levels receded. The white sand also has two different types that are coarse and fine white sand. But basically the atmosphere in the two islands is quite relaxing and fun, combined with the beautiful scenery that surrounds this island. In addition, there are many exciting activities you can do in this place, such as swimming, diving, fishing and speed boating. Various local tradition events are also commonly held in this place, like the tradition of Buka Panen Wangongira held every June each year and Tradisi Gelaran Timba Laor, a local tradition that is held after every full moon.

Transportation :


Boat Taxi and traditional boat


Tips :


Beware of overcharging boat rent


Culinary :


Local Dishes

If you stay in villages, you'll have the chance to sample more typical local dishes.
Most of these will be similar to those elsewhere in North Maluku, but in the Tanjung Sopi area in particular, you may be offered a special delicacy: coconut crab! These creatures are quite rare, expensive and actually protected in Indonesia, but in the Sopi area they are still reasonably common and eaten by the locals.


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