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For more than 50 years the name ITB has stood worldwide for industry knowledge 365 days a year, networking and trendsetting events, whether in a virtual, in-person or hybrid format. Every year in March the world of international tourism gathers at the largest travel trade show, ITB Berlin.

DWI Tour Bali & Yogyakarta Manager, Matty, attending ITB Berlin 2023 (Hall 26a, stand 114, table 57) in Berlin, on 7-9 March 2023. Matty promotes Indonesian tourism destination with DWI Tour services that range across the country. With more than 50 branch offices under Dwidayatour umbrella, DWI Tour believes that this strength will maintain B2B agents’ trust to DWI Tour as their business partner in Indonesia. Even though Bali is the main gate of international tourists to Indonesia, DWI Tour also provides the services across the nation. Indonesia is really big, traveling from the West to the East of Indonesia is as far as from London to New York, a lot of potentials to be explored indeed. Thankfully, with our more than 50 beanch offices across the nation, DWI Tour under Dwidayatour umbrella believes that we are giving the best services to Indonesia wherever your travel may require.

indra dwi tours

indra dwi tours

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DWI Tour (Dwidaya Wisata Indonesia) is committed to providing unforgettable and meticulously crafted domestic and inbound travel packages. Whatever your travel business requires, we are here to assist in every department. 

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