An epicenter of biodiversity and home to over a quarter of the world’s marine life, Indonesia is a diving and snorkeling mecca. Its underwater beauty is stunning and the diving is outstanding. Oceans converge here in this vast archipelago thus most well-known dive spots have strong currents and nutrient rich water. Amongst the 18,000 islands are more than 600 coral and 3000 fish species. Diving in Indonesia is addicting. One can never just get enough from a one-time diving. Most would happily dedicate days and weeks to explore the underwater beauty of Indonesia.

Weh Island, sitting off the northern tip of Sumatera is one of the few dive spots in the west part of Indonesia. Sulawesi is home to Bunaken and Wakatobi, some of the best dive spots in the country. Bali, Lombok, Komodo, and Raja Ampat are jewels of the east part of Indonesia. The farther east one goes, the more exceptional the diving. The archipelago has a very extensive options of dives, from drift, reef, much, to night and wreck. Indonesia has dive spots suitable for divers of any level. Meeting manta rays, turtles, even mola mola and whalesharks is possible.



1. Sipora, Mentawai – West Sumatra
2. Abang Island - Batam
3. Bungus Island, Padang – West Sumatra
4. Kiluan Bay – Lampung
5. Lengkuas Island - Belitung
6. Matras & Parai Tenggiri – Bangka
7. Natuna Archipelago – Riau*

8. Off the beaten track Nias – West Sumatra
9. Pantai Sumur Tiga, Weh – Aceh
10. Pongkar Island, Tanjung Balai Karimun - Riau

11. Rubiah Island - Aceh**



1. Batu Karas, Pangandaran – West Java
2. Pekalien, Probolinggo – East Java
3. Karimunjawa, Semarang – Central Java**

4. Pari Island, Thousand Islands - Jakarta*(**)

5. Pramuka Island, Thousand Islands - Jakarta*(**)




1. Amed Beach – Karangasem
2. Lovina
3. Menjangan
4. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida

5. Padang Bai & Tulamben**


6. Tanjung Benoa**



1. Komodo – East Nusa Tenggara
2. Moyo Island, Sumbawa – West Nusa Tenggara
3. Gilis Sekotong Bay, Southwest Lombok – West Nusa Tenggara
4. Belongas Bay – West Nusa Tenggara
5. Gili Nanggu – West Nusa Tenggara
6. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air – West Nusa Tenggara**

7. Kanawa, Komodo – East Nusa Tenggara
8. Labuan Bajo – East Nusa Tenggara
9. Pantar Strait, Alor – East Nusa Tenggara
10. Satonda Island, Sumbawa – West Nusa Tenggara

11. Pink Beach - East Nusa Tenggara**



1. Kakaban Island, Berau – East Borneo**

2. Manggar Segara Sari, Balikpapan – East Borneo
3. Maratua, Berau – East Borneo*




1. Bunaken, Manado – North Sulawesi*(**)


2. Selayar – South Sulawesi
3. Taka Bonerate National Park – South Sulawesi*

4. Bulukumba – South Sulawesi
5. Islands of Makassar – South Sulawesi
6. Mamuju – South Sulawesi
7. Manado Tua Island – North Sulawesi
8. Hari Island, Kendari – South East Sulawesi
9. Kadidiri Island, Tojo Una Una – South Sulawesi
10. Poya Lisa Island, Tojo Una Una – South Sulawesi

11. Lembeh - North Sulawesi*


12. Wakatobi - Southeast Sulawesi*(**)



1. Ora Beach – North Maluku
2. Halmahera – North Maluku
3. Ngurtafur's White Sand Beach, Kei – North Maluku
4. Pombo Island Atoll – Maluku
5. Pulau Gunung Api, Banda - Maluku

6. Ternate - North Maluku*


7. Ambon - Maluku*





1. Raja Ampat, West Papua**

2. Cendrawasih Bay National Park, West Papua



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